The first step to joining the Texas Public Service Association (TPSA) is to verify that your high school organization qualifies to join.


- Only one chapter may register per school. If there are multiple organizations at your school, they all must register under one chapter.

- Only currently enrolled high school students may register for membership in TPSA.

How to Gain Membership

To gain membership, each chapter must submit a New Chapter Request each year by navigating to Please read all the below notices before completing a request, failure to follow these notices may result in denial.


Please do not use abbreviations in your school name, you can use abbreviations in your chapter name.

- Please enter the physical mailing address of your school, not your district office.

- All chapters must select Senior High under school type to be accepted.

- Your district is your region of competition.

- The advisor information entered here will be considered the primary advisor, secondary advisors can be added later.

Once you have completed the request and it has been approved, you will receive an email with further instructions.